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We are Burgess Services, a locally-owned and operated family business whose only goal is to help you realize your vision for your outdoor space. 

Kellye and Devin in 2015 began their Landscaping journey cutting grass and hauling away trash just to make ends meet. They have rapidly gained success and a reputation amongst San Antonions due to their reliability and high quality work.


We pride ourselves on being a multi-faceted all around service company, meaning, even though we offer Landscape Design and sophisticated ideas to transform your home space, we also provide services for more basic yet still very necessary outdoor chores. This means we not only offer professional landscaping design but Tree Removal, of ANY amount and any kind, Haul Away and Cleanup, of any space no matter how large or small, or difficult to get to, total land restoration, where we turn your overrun land into usable property, Masonry, Xeriscape and pretty much everything in between! We do it all, because we have stood by our slogan for all these years, and will never stray from it. We always will be able to say: "WE CAN DO THAT!" 

Kellye and Devin at the San Antonio Home and Garden Show

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